Circular economy is a major element of our collective journey towards ecological transformation. Here, we see how the world is working to recycle more efficiently than before.

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the shoes made from coffee grounds
Good to know

Caffeinated crocs: the shoes made from recycled coffee grounds

With over 25 billion sneakers made a year, footwear is a vast and...

a emergency shelter
Today's tomorrow

The Plastic Flamingo: making emergency shelters from recycled plastic waste

For three years now, a social enterprise has been working on plastics...

boules de papiers froissés
Question time

How many times can a sheet of paper be recycled?

Whether we use them to print important documents or to take notes while...

un pot de yaourt avec un sachet de thé et un smartphone
Your actions matter

How should I dispose of my old yogurt containers, tea bags or smartphones?

Discover our tips to help you make the right choice.

visière de protection en plexiglas
Question time

Can plexiglass be recycled?

What will we do with all these transparent panels once the pandemic is over...

bouteille en plastique
24 hours

24 hours In the (end of) life of a plastic bottle

Discover the short and long history of this common, everyday item.