Circular economy is a major element of our collective journey towards ecological transformation. Here, we see how the world is working to recycle more efficiently than before.

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toxic chemical
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EU to ban thousands of widespread toxic chemicals

PVC plastic, flame retardants, bisphenols... On Monday 25 April 2022, the...

paraping plastique
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ByBlock: Cinder blocks made from recycled plastic yet stronger than concrete

A Los Angeles start-up is using ocean plastic waste to manufacture a cinder...

baskets recyclables
Question time

Can we recycle our sneakers?

They have become an everyday must-have, at the office and even at parties....

the shoes made from coffee grounds
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Caffeinated crocs: the shoes made from recycled coffee grounds

With over 25 billion sneakers made a year, footwear is a vast and...

a emergency shelter
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The Plastic Flamingo: making emergency shelters from recycled plastic waste

For three years now, a social enterprise has been working on plastics...

boules de papiers froissΓ©s
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How many times can a sheet of paper be recycled?

Whether we use them to print important documents or to take notes while...