Circular economy is a major element of our collective journey towards ecological transformation. Here, we see how the world is working to recycle more efficiently than before.

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Pâles d'éoliennes
Today's tomorrow

Wind turbine blades are now recyclable

Millions of tons of used wind turbine blades will have to be disposed of...

Paires de jeans bleus pliés
Today's tomorrow

Our old clothes can now be recycled into bricks

There are fewer and fewer natural resources to build with but more and more...

couverture du livre Cradle to Cradle
Your actions matter

5 books everyone should read to finally understand what a circular economy is

Endlessly recycle, lead a zero waste lifestyle, innovate taking inspiration...

cheveux longs ondulés châtains foncés
Good to know

Recycled hair, a new resource

Our hair can become annoying and space-consuming waste for barbers, who...

Bouteilles en plastique
Today's tomorrow

In Abidjan, AfricWaste optimizes plastic bottle collection

In the Ivory Coast, waste collection has yet to be properly structured and...

Gobelets à usage unique
Question time

Can disposable cups be recycled?

Despite what we might believe, disposable cups aren’t made of paper...