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What’s the environmental impact of imitation meat?

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How can cities cope with flooding?

In order to better adapt to the extreme rainfall caused by climate change,...

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Is it possible to make an eco-friendly smartphone?

We use it as an alarm clock, a camera, a diary, to keep in touch with our...

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Could we use mushrooms to replace plastic packaging?

Expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is made from petroleum- and other chemical...

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Permaculture: an inspiration for aquaculture?

Aquaculture could be made more sustainable by rearing other species along...

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I've always been told not to waste food. But how much does food waste actually represent?
What is the real cost of food waste?
On a global scale, the impact of food waste is significant economically, environmentally and humanly...
In winter, the air is more polluted in my apartment. I don't know why or how to prevent it. What can I do in my everyday life?
Your actions matter
How can you minimize indoor air pollution this winter?
Discover our tips! ...
Coal isn't great. How do we move away from it? Are there any examples of countries who've managed to stop?
How will Poland phase out coal?
After announcing that it would be shutting down its mines by the year 2049, Poland is now relying on...



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