Up To Us, an eco-designed website

Up To Us has been designed and developed with an eco-design objective to contribute to a more responsible digital world.

By applying various good practices, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint of this site, particularly by drastically reducing the resources needed for its proper functioning.

A design applying the rules of eco-design

To reduce the CO2 emissions of our site, we have adopted a reasoned approach to the design of the platform.   

In the design, we have favored a simplified tree structure, keeping only the essentials and reducing the number of features to a strict minimum.   

In the design, various actions tend towards more sobriety: the color chart is reduced, only one font is loaded on the site, interactions are drastically reduced, images are processed and optimized to be as light as possible and media content (heavier than texts) is restricted.   


Technical developments optimization

During the technical design of the site, the development team has favored best practices to reduce both the use of server resources and the storage space needed for the proper functioning of the site. 


The site uses the new WebP image format which allows to create files 20 to 80% lighter.  

Moreover, no video is integrated in the site. The video is only called up if you decide to watch it. 


Loading and data exchange 

Page pre-loads and data exchanges are reduced to a minimum, only useful information is loaded and exchanged for the visitor's action reading.


Enjoy your visit!