Up To Us: Moving towards a better future, together

Facing the ecological emergency is a collective challenge most of us are willing to take on. However, we often lack some of the necessary resources to move forward.

Up to Us, powered by Veolia, contributes to a global movement with a solution-based media designed to offer a collective toolkit to meet the challenge of the ecological transformation.The faster we get things done, the sooner we'll be there.

Bringing tools and inspiration to address, analyze & understand the issues

Up to Us defines the questions that shape climate issues, and brings together ideas to tackle it.
We explore topics and issues anchored in your daily life, no matter where you live, as we take you on a journey to change the world together.
Citizens, engineers, scientists, experts and entrepreneurs are reshaping the world towards greater sustainability. We are giving them the spotlight to teach and inspire us.


Up to Us is for citizens wishing and willing to act now!

There is no better way to truly make an impact than belonging to a group of people supporting each other to achieve a common goal.

Up to Us forms a community of dedicated citizens all around the world, committed to facing the crisis together.


Listen, watch and read; anytime, anywhere

Up to Us gives a voice to those who have tangible solutions. You can listen, learn, share and join the conversation wherever you are, whenever you want to.

Up to Us is a website, available in both French and English, as well as an Instagram page which makes it possible for us to reach a large audience and interact with the community we are creating.

πŸ‘‡ Join us on our platforms, where you can enjoy short videos, articles and find solutions for a better tomorrow, today.