Biodiversity loss affects the entire world. Let’s explore ideas and tangible solutions to restore and protect all living species.

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Green building in a city
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Is your green city actually biodiverse?

City dwellers appreciate urban plants and get a well-being boost from having...

A woman waters her plants
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Can I boost biodiversity from my backyard or balcony?

Next time you’re feeling lazy about mowing the lawn, don’t feel guilty...

A forest
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The European forest is gaining ground

Forest areas in Europe increased by 0.3% annually between 1990 and 2015....

bee bricks in UK
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Brighton becomes the UK’s first bee-friendly city

The city of Brighton on England’s South Coast has mandated that any new...

rodents on grass
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How to deal with domestic parasites without killing them?

A few ecological - and effective - measures to take against mice,...

used masks FFP1
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Why is protecting biodiversity key to preventing epidemics?

Our health depends on preserving the planet’s rich biodiversity.