A switch to greener energy sources is core to ensuring global ecological transition. To help power the world in a better way, what are the challenges and innovations to be aware of?

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Question time

What is biogas and is it really green?

There is a way for people to power their motor vehicles or heat their homes...

Munich's solar-powered rechargeable bus
Good to know

Munich buses will soon run on solar power

Germany's third largest city, Munich, is about to test a hybrid bus...

silent wind turbines from the start-up company Unéole
Today's tomorrow

This startup wants to install wind turbines in city centers

The idea of buildings using their rooftop to generate the energy they need...

portable wind turbine Shine
Today's tomorrow

This portable wind turbine can create electricity anywhere

Backpackers, mountain climbers, cycle tourists and campers in general all...

biofuel from algae
Good to know

In Istanbul, a new plant makes biofuel from algae

Turkey’s Bogazici University has just opened the world’s first carbon-...

electrical outlets
Your actions matter

Four clever ways to consume less electricity

Above and beyond the well-known trope of asking someone to turn off the...