Our food habits leave large footprints on the environment. Here we give you everything you need to know about the most sustainable eating habits that benefit both our bodies and the planet.

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vegan food
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On Instagram, vegan chefs are growing more and more popular

Veganism is on the rise, one Instagram reel at a time.

exotic fish
Your actions matter

The healthiest fish to eat - for you and for the planet

Like other living systems, the worldโ€™s oceans have been affected both by the...

pot avec des algues vertes
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Algae: the sustainable food of the future to end global hunger

According to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), there were still...

Plusieurs mouches soldats noires
Today's tomorrow

Black soldier fly: the small bug with a big footprint

This tiny bug eats our waste, takes CO2 out of the food production cycle,...

bottes d'asperges vertes
The interview

โ€œWe forgot how to use the entirety of the food we buyโ€

In their book "Cuisine zรฉro dรฉchet", Belgian chefs Madeline Escafit and...

Gaspillage alimentaire Up To Us

What is the real cost of food waste?

On a global scale, the impact of food waste is significant economically,...