Our climate is changing, the Earth is getting warmer, natural disasters are now more frequent and more severe. What are the new tools that we can use, as a collective, to solve the crisis?

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How can cities cope with flooding?

In order to better adapt to the extreme rainfall caused by climate change,...

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Good to know

Germany and Austria encourage people to use public transport

To reduce carsโ€™ role in society, the Austrian government is implementing an...

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Question time

Can we truly make aviation greener?

In order to fly without worsening climate change, the airline industry must...

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Your actions matter

Five must-read ecology books for this summer

Whether sitting on the beach, by the pool, in a park, in the garden or just...

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One of the worldโ€™s leading universities intensifies its climate change focus

Stanford University, located on the edges of Californiaโ€™s famed Silicon...

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Today's tomorrow

Ultra-white paint could be a potential substitute for air conditioning

The color white reflects light in general and sunshine in particular. In the...