Our climate is changing, the Earth is getting warmer, natural disasters are now more frequent and more severe. What are the new tools that we can use, as a collective, to solve the crisis?

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une pelle qui prend du biochar en grains
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Biochar - a fertilizer with carbon sequestration properties

Biochar is an odd bilingual portmanteau, combining the term biomass with the...

chercheur, glacier, mission scientifique
24 hours

24 hours with a scientific expedition into the heart of the glaciers

Since 2018, the team behind β€œVanishing glaciers”, a project funded by the...

enfant parent
Good to know

Educating children about sustainable consumption

Children today are subjected to countless consumer temptations and impulses...

ville inondation

How can cities cope with flooding?

In order to better adapt to the extreme rainfall caused by climate change,...

Photo de couverture de KlimatTicket
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Germany and Austria encourage people to use public transport

To reduce cars’ role in society, the Austrian government is implementing an...

several airliners
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Can we truly make aviation greener?

In order to fly without worsening climate change, the airline industry must...