Our climate is changing, the Earth is getting warmer, natural disasters are now more frequent and more severe. What are the new tools that we can use, as a collective, to solve the crisis?

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Question time

How can we protect our homes from rising water?

All over the world, sea levels are rising due to climate change, and are...

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The interview

Ecocide: ending impunity for environmental crimes

Dior Fall Sow, Senegal's first female prosecutor and former consultant for...

Badgirs, an ancient persian method of cooling air
Your actions matter

How to stay cool without heating up the planet?

Air conditioning is not the only solution

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The interview

Is collaboration the key to the climate change crisis?

The climate crisis is a collective challenge. Rajiv Joshi, co-author of The...

Personnes avec rapport dans les mains
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What is the IPCC and why is it important?

Even though the acronym features regularly in the news - generally in...

child in front of a field of sunflowers
The interview

How should you talk to children about climate change?

Children do not have the same emotional understanding as adults, so it’s...