Water is a fundamental resource to consider in our conversations about ecological transformation. What can we do to protect this fragile resource from its source to our taps?

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Plant-based dyes might be the future of sustainable fashion

The fashion industry generates a great deal of pollution, in part because of...

a wastewater treatment plant
24 hours

24 hours in a wastewater treatment plant

Water from the tap, from the shower or bath, from the toilet, from the...

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How to grow a garden without any water?

Some plants adapt very well to drought ౼ you just need to choose them well...

deux employés de veolia sur une usine de traitement de l'eau
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How does water desalination work?

Just over 50 years ago, Abu Dhabi was a tiny seaside village. What fueled...

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Easy ways to cook with less water

According to the United Nations, two billion people worldwide lack access to...

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Why doesn’t rain always replenish the water table?

From the surface to the water table, the journey of water is littered with...