Water is a fundamental resource to consider in our conversations about ecological transformation. What can we do to protect this fragile resource from its source to our taps?

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Bouteilles de bière Erko
Today's tomorrow

The world’s first beer made from recycled water was invented in the Czech Republ

A typical brewery uses between 10 and 150 liters of water to make 1 single...

grappes de raisins noirs
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Recycled wastewater - a solution for irrigating vines?

In Gruissan, in the south of France, micro-irrigation using treated...

Feuilles vertes
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Living machines to purify wastewater

Rather than using chemicals to treat wastewater, an American biologist has...

Station d’épuration : la plus grande usine de traitement des boues d’épuration au monde, baptisée T·PARK (Hong Kong)
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The sewage sludge treatment plant of the future is in Hong Kong

T-PARK, the world's largest sewage treatment plant is in Hong-Kong, and it...