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Is there a way we could put an end to widespread pollution? We explore exciting solutions that stop industrial and continental contamination, and support global clean up initiatives.

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Question time

Is it possible to make an eco-friendly smartphone?

We use it as an alarm clock, a camera, a diary, to keep in touch with our...

emballage biodégradable
Today's tomorrow

Could we use mushrooms to replace plastic packaging?

Expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is made from petroleum- and other chemical...

Your actions matter

4 non-polluting ways of cleaning your house

Chemicals galore, single-use wipes, gallons and gallons of cleaning products...

mégot abandonné
24 hours

24 hours with a cigarette butt tossed out on the street

“There’s really nothing positive about a cigarette,” says Cindy Zipf,...

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Your actions matter

Five good reasons to shop in bulk

In recent years, bulk products - that is, items that are not pre-packaged...

Sunflower field
Your actions matter

Four plants that decontaminate your garden soil

Whether by absorbing, capturing or breaking down toxic materials, certain...