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Is there a way we could put an end to widespread pollution? We explore exciting solutions that stop industrial and continental contamination, and support global clean up initiatives.

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voiture électrique qui se recharge à une borne
Question time

Do electric vehicles actually help to reduce pollution?

The carbon emission costs associated with electric vehicles (EVs) depend on...

Personne derrière une fenêtre aux vitres givrées
Your actions matter

How can you minimize indoor air pollution this winter?

Discover our tips!

Bac de légumes - Up To Us
Your actions matter

How can I minimize my carbon footprint at the supermarket?

Reducing our carbon footprint can be inextricably linked to the everyday...

Portrait de Mike Reynolds
Good to know

Building with recycled materials isn’t new! Read the story of Mike Reynolds

In the field of modern architecture, ecological transition is not a new...

Personne qui ramasse des déchets au sol, notamment des bouteilles plastique
Your actions matter

5 projects to inspire change in your city

Initiatives to reduce the amount of waste in cities thanks to the circular...

Champignons blancs
Today's tomorrow

There is now a 100% biodegradable alternative to plastic

Ecovative has developed a material with the same properties as plastic, but...